Package Visa Services

Package Visa services

Package Visa Services is highly recommended for the following groups:

  • Those who enter Vietnam the first time
  • Those who need Rush visa. (It will be including with Rush service)
  • Those who need to speed stamping process up at Vietnam airport (Businessmen)
  • Those who enter Vietnam with kids
  • Those who travel in a big group
  • Pregnant women
  • Disable people

How does Package Visa Services run?

Step 1: Choosing Package Visa Services item once applying for Vietnam visa on arrival with detailed information of your exact flight number, departure and arrival time (GMT+7) or apply for the service via email or phone with the mentioned information.

Note: If your flight is changed, please notify us 4-8 hours before your landing. We work 24/7, so we can support you as our pleasant.

Step 2: You will be asked to pay the package fee in advance to arrange the service for you.

Step 3: Take a look around at the "Landing visa" gate, our staff is waiting for you with your fullname on the welcome board.

- Give our staff your visa approval letter, passport for getting visa stamp and check in procedure.

Step 4: Get your passport back with Vietnam Visa stamped from our staff. Then he/she will help you to collect your pieces luggage.

VIP Service Price ( including stamping fee)

Kind of visa Package price ( US Dollar)
1 month single 51.25 USD
1 month multiple 77.50 USD
3 months single 51.25 USD
3 months multiple 77.50 USD